Services to Members – Υπηρεσίες προς Επιχειρήσεις

The Finnish Hellenic Chamber of COMMERCE and its purposesΤ

The FINNISH-HELLENIC CHAMBER of COMMERCE was founded in 1995 (PD 316/95 – Government Gazette 171 / 22.895). The purpose of the Chamber is the development, promotion, and promotion of trade and business relations between Finland and Greece.

The Chamber provides information, specific opinions, studies, and market research. Also information on the economic situation in Greece and Finland, the terms and conditions for the development of trade and economic relations. Organizes workshops, symposia, participates in exhibitions and other similar activities. The Chamber promotes its activities in close cooperation with the state services and organizations of both countries. It regularly publishes newsletters, in electronic form, with the main economic developments and technological achievements of the two countries.

Some services cover the following:

  • Claiming and protecting in the best way, commercial transactions, always guided by the interest of the members of the EFE
  • The help of Greek companies to increase their contacts with respective Finnish ones, by providing information.
  • Organizes trade missions, meetings with businessmen, Submits memos, proposals, and solutions to competent bodies.
  • It provides information on the terms and conditions of development of various economic and trade relations between the two countries as well as on the possibilities of marketing products and investments in the two countries.
  • Organizes Seminars and other meetings & events aimed at informing members and strengthening relations between Greece and Finland.
  • Our Chamber cooperates with the Embassies and other state bodies of both countries in order to better and immediately serve its members. Our Chamber is an accredited & authorized partner of FINNCHAN (network of bilateral Chambers of the Chamber of Commerce of Finland.
  • The companies/members have the opportunity to promote their activity and products through the website of our Chamber.
  • Specialized services such as special opinions, studies, market research, and other specialized work, whether or not members are charged.