Webinar-Sustainable Forests and Forestry in the 21st Century Best Practice from Finland

Forest Republic of Finland – Forest Relationship is Genuine and Unique for Finns.   Δασική Δημοκρατία της Φινλανδίας Η δασική σχέση είναι αυθεντική και μοναδική για τους Φινλανδούς.

For decades, if not for centuries already, Finland has lived from its forests. Literally. Forests have provided protection, a source of warmth and energy, income, and a place to relax and explore for the Finns since times are long gone already. This long tradition and the “forest culture” is deeply rooted in Finnish society and the way in which forests are grown, protected and used for both economic and recreational purposes.

  After the catastrophic wildfires of summer 2021 in Greece, we need examples of best practices, experience, and models which could be used to regrow forests, protect them while benefiting from them sustainably, and to create a wider understanding of the importance of forests, biodiversity and the “forest culture” in Greece.

  Finnish-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce wants to support and assist the public debate on forests and sustainability in Greece by organizing this webinar to re-examine how we treat and use our forests in Greece. You are warmly welcome to take part!

   Location: Zoom Webinar on 8 December 9.30 am – 11 am.